Restaurants near me New Buffalo, Michigan City

Restaurants near me New Buffalo, Michigan

Restaurants Near Me New Buffalo, MichiganFor some people, eating food that someone else has prepared for them is a stress reliever, but searching for the best restaurants near me in New Buffalo, Michigan shouldn’t cause you stress. There are some great options for good food an ambiance near New Buffalo, Michigan.  So, how can you find the best Restaurants near (me) New Buffalo, Michigan?

  • Use restaurant apps.
  • Read some reviews, especially those from food bloggers, chefs, and food enthusiasts to know which restaurants are good to dine in and which ones are not.
  • Ask your family, friends, locals, or even your uber driver for some suggestions.
  • Determine if the restaurant takes reservations.
  • Go to where the crowd is for certainly, there is a reason why they chose that restaurant instead of others.
  • Check out the restaurant’s menu and specialty.

Already tried searching restaurants near New Buffalo, Michigan but can’t find a good one? Try Fiddlehead Restaurant and satisfy your taste buds.

Restaurants near me New Buffalo, Michigan

Restaurants near me New Buffalo, MichiganMichigan City, Indiana is known for its  beautiful beaches, fun and energetic nightlife and now a great restaurant, Fiddlehead Restaurant!  Specializing in delicious comfort food as well as gluten free meals, Fiddlehead serves everything from salad to seafood and some of the best barbecued meats in the community.  Whether you are in the mood for a rack of baby back ribs or looking for lighter fare, like a cedar plank roasted salmon, Fiddlehead is sure to tempt your tastebuds.

Committed to serving the best and most locally sourced meat possible, Fiddlehead Restaurant believes that it is incredibly important to support the small family farms in their community.  Obtaining their meat from local Sims Meat Processing, allows them to support responsibly raised livestock in the northern Indiana area, which is not only better for the local economy and the planet but tastes better as well.

Restaurants near me New Buffalo, MichiganAs well as local sustainability, Fiddlehead Restaurant is committed to helping the veterans in the Northwest Indiana community through the Fiddlehead Employment Response Network (FERN).  They actively work with other community businesses to aide in the training, advancement and long term employment of service men and women in our country.  Through a year long internship as the assistant manager, a position that is reserved exclusively for veterans, the restaurant hopes to educate and empower local veterans interested in the restaurant business as well as give them the training they need for long term employment.

With such a local community focus as well as great food and drinks, consider giving Fiddlehead Restaurant a try on your next night out.  Located at 422 Franklin Street, just a few blocks from Lake Michigan, Fiddlehead Restaurant is your stop for the seafood, local meat and fries that Northwest Indiana has to offer.  For reservations and questions call (219) 210-3253 or to apply for an open position visit our Join our Team page at

Restaurants near me New Buffalo, Michigan